Interior Tours

Eames House

Members Appreciation Day: Saturday, June 20, 2015
Join us in celebrating the spirit of Charles and Ray when the ground floor of the Eames House is opened for afternoon tours. Each year, a Saturday near the time of Charles and Ray’s wedding June 20th anniversary is selected for Members Appreciation Day. In 2015, Saturday IS the anniversary. This once-a-year event—for Members only—is hosted by the Eames family. Membership and reservations are required one week prior to the day of the event. Click here for more information about Members Appreciation Day.

Group tour is included in the price of membership.

Interior Tour of the Eames House:
Enter the Eames House and Studio, ground floor only, on a guided tour. Take your time and get an up-close look at the Eameses’ celebration of life, art and work, as captured by their perfect arrangements of objects collected through their lives, all still set carefully in place. Feel how the house satisfied the Eameses’ original design mandate: to ”…aid as background for life in work”.

One hour personal tour. Reservations required one week in advance.

  • $275 ($200 members) for 1-2 adults
  • $450 ($375 members) for 3-4 adults

Picnic for Four in the Eames House Meadow:
A tradition of the Eameses, picnics in the meadow were a delight, with a focus on food and scintillating talk. Enjoy the grounds and receive an interior and exterior tour.

Limited to four adults; picnic baskets of sandwiches, salads, fruits, deserts and drinks will be provided. Reservations and any dietary restrictions are required one week in advance.

$750 ($675 members) for 1-4 adults